'An inner voice whispers: ... silence echoes, step aboard and follow Polaris.'

Published poems...

Thanks are due to the judges of the various competitions who published my poems listed below:


The Ver Poets Society Ten Liners Competition anthology:  


2008      Lupa                                                                            


2009     Night Shades                        (2nd prize)

            The London Aquarium          (commended)


            Just In Case


2010      Diagnosis



2011      Prophecy


2012      For Vanessa                         (commended)

             Lunching With Mother


2013      St. Ronan's Nursing Home


2015      Dreaming of dolphins            (2nd prize)


2016      Children of Clay                     (2nd prize)


2017      If I wanted to...                      (commended)


2018      Bribing Charon                      (highly commended)

             Silent Witness                       (highly commended)



The Ver Prize Open Competition anthology:


2009      The Spiffle-Micker


2013      Infidelity


2018      Vincent i.m.1959–1983


2018      After the Argument


Wheel of the Stars. Ver Poets 50th anniversary



2016     Bipolar







Norwich Writer's Circle Open Competition:



2009      The Lonely Ewe                  (commended)


Unguarded Gold, Ver Poets anthology:


2012      Border Lands


Genius Floored, A Shadow on the Wall

Cold Weather Shelter anthology:


2011      The Concert


Sentinel Annual Poetry Competition anthology:


2013      Last Fish                             (highly commended)

             Ardnish Peninsula               (commended)

             Full Moon                            (commended)                


Poetry Space Ltd:


2017      Banking Towards Home      (pamphlet comprising

                                                          22 poems)


2019      Mapping Shadows               (collection comprising

                                                           36 poems)



Photo of Ullapool harbour, Scotland, by Christopher Delaney