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'Banking Towards Home'

My debut poetry pamphlet, published by Poetry Space Ltd, will be launched on 19 May 2017 by the Ver Poets Society, at St Michael's Parish Centre, St Michael's Street, St Albans AL3 4SL.


I will be reading from my collection, and talking about what inspires me to write poetry.


Car parking: spaces are available in the Verulam Park car park, near to Verulam museum. Access is from St. Michael's Street.


The pamphlet is priced at £6.00, but on the launch night I will be selling them at the special price of £5.00.

All funds from sales will be donated to Mark Sims' appeal for Cancer Research UK. More info at:








"Or was fate written across a blackboard sky where scrawled gulls rode a hurricane?"

"I admire the balance Christopher Delaney achieves in these poems between strength and tenderness, observation and enquiry, as they capture those moments when the provisional in daily life offers glimpses of what he describes as 'the possibility of permanence' " John Mole, Poet in Residence in the City of London, and President of the Ver Poets Society.



"Chris Delaney's poems are thoughtful, vivid, tightly written.  Human focus penetrates beyond the surface of relationships and reveals something important and moving about them". John Gohorry, Hertfordshire poet. Winner of the 2008 Keats/Shelley poetry competition, and others.




"Christopher Delaney explores the universal themes of love, loss, identity and regret in a measured way, avoiding sentimentality.  The personal story in each poem is studied against the backdrop of the natural world, and his palette is vast, using sea, sky and landscape to convey a sense of humanity.  He delves into the many facets of relationships and addresses human foibles with acceptance and a light touch." Sue Sims, Editor of Poetry Space.

Juliet Troy will be showcasing her debut collection, 'Motherboard' ...


The second half of the programme will feature fellow Ver Poet, Juliet Troy, who will showcase her debut collection, 'Motherboard', which was published by The Knives, Forks and Spoons Press, in 2016.


Juliet's eco-poetry is innovative, dynamic, and voices concerns connected with the damaging impact human activity imposes on our environment. Rather than using punctuation, Juliet prefers leaving gaps between words to act as 'breathing spaces'.


Of the title, Juliet says: " it came from my feeling that the earth is becoming like a giant motherboard. You look down a hole in a pavement where repairs are being done and see a confusion of multi-coloured wires.


Massive phone towers are appearing everywhere in the countryside...but the installation of so much technology comes at a price..."

"Divorced from what may seem like the shackles of grammar, meaning in poetry can be created through seemingly random word-play, the inter-action of synaesthesia with literal meaning and other devices which make poetry dynamic. The art is in riding the waves of language guided by a sure compass, which Juliet Troy has shown she can do with aplomb".

Review by  Anna Avebury, Programme coordinater, Ver Poets Society.


Front cover ...

Back cover ...

Sue Sims, Editor of Poetry Space Ltd....


Photo of Christopher Delaney by Glenn Chandler

Sue will start the evening with her presentation about publishing poetry in the digital age, explaining what inspired her to become a poetry publisher, the challenges she encountered and her ambitions and goals for the future of this successful publishing forum – including her aim to encourage new writers to become published poets.


Sue established Poetry Space in 2010, which operates 'as a social enterprise with all profits being used to widen participation in poetry and to empower people through creativity'.


To find out more about Poetry Space click on the link below:

After Juliet's presentation, members of the audience who would like to share a published poem, will be invited to read.

Photos from the evening...

A lively and informative evening, and well attended by many of my friends. Thank you for your support – it means a lot to me!


Sue's presentation  about Poetry Space's aims was lively and interesting - and the accompanying slides were insightful.


Juliet's presentation of 'Motherboard' was well received, and the open mic section offered a rich variety of fascinating subjects.


I was thrilled to make a total of £220.00 from the pre launch and launch sales of my pamphlet, which has been donated to the Mark Sims fund for Cancer Research UK.


Copies can be purchased for £6, including postage and packing, by emailing  your details to:


'Banking Towards Home' is also available for sale via the online Poetry Space shop:


and will be available from Amazon Books in the near future.


Sue Sims, (below) ...

Juliet Troy, (below) ...

Above 6 photos by Glenn Chandler



Rebbeca Hubbard is a published poet, an inspirational creative writing tutor, and a fellow Ver Poet...

Rebecca's poetry appears in magazines including Acumen, Smiths Knoll, Poetry Nottingham, Weyfarers, Pennine Platform and Writing Women. Her book-length poetry collection, The Garden of Shadow and Delight was published by Cinnamon Press in 2014.


Details of Rebecca's up-and-coming residential workshop and creative writing courses are on the flyer to the left and on the one below.



Below: Front cover of Rebecca's collection.

Below: Back cover of Rebecca's collection.

Below :  'After The Argument',  and my painting of Dunwich beach with Glenn in the middle-distance, that inspired the poem... for the record, the argument was an invention!

DUNWICH PAINTING.2 Vincent 1959-1983 After The Argument ADRIAN BUCKNER biog.

Below are 2 of my poems, selected for publication in the Ver Poets Open Competition 2018, by adjudicator Adrian Buckner –

< see photo and biog.

Chris & Vincent photo

Below : 'Vincent i.m. 1959-1983' and the photo of me and Vincent (taller boy) that is referenced in the poem, which relates events that actually happened.

Photo by Joan Rose Delaney, circa 1966